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Audits of Financial Statements


Scope of services:

  • Audits and reviews of Financial Statements (individual and consolidated) in line with the Polish and International Financial Reporting Standards

The aim of these services is to give credibility to figures by issuing a Licensed Auditor’s opinion confirming if the figures are true and fair. The aim is also to mitigate the risk of decisions made by the recipient of the Financial Statements.

We carry out audits in line with our own methodology as well as in line with Polish and International   Standards on Auditing. We also refer to global standards and experience of Baker Tilly International.

With each project which we commence we customise the audit strategy to client’s specifics. At the first stage of our work we get to know our client’s operations, its organisation, financial results, financial standing and its economic and legal environment, accounting system and internal control. Based on this data we identify and analyse risk factors and plan our audit.

We ensure efficient information flow between our client and our project team, which  increases audit efficiency and ensures timely completion of work.

Apart from issuing our opinion and report, we prepare a letter to the Management or Supervisory Board with important matters which are not required in the opinion or report, but which may influence the company’s operations, in particular the organisation of internal control.

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