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Internal Audit


The higher organisational quality in the company

The aim of the Internal audit is to protect your own business and the support its development. Early response, open communication and a pragmatic approach to problems in any organisation, is one of the basic methodologies employed by Crowe Horwath during the audit process. We believe that a well-run audit represents a positive value to the organisation. The audit shall be considered from a profit rather than a cost perspective.

If the following aspects can be observed within your company:

  • Unexpected losses due to of the procedural errors
  • Derogation from the established rules
  • Ambiguity of internal procedures
  • Lack of standardisation
  • Decline in the quality of operations

Crowe Horwath can offer an audit of the process or audit of an area of activity.


Our advice includes:

  • Analysis of the existing organisational solutions, ie. the strategy, key processes and procedures, both managerial and operational
  • Investigation of compliance processes with applicable internal standards and procedures
  • Reporting of compliance status with applicable standards and internal procedures, as well as indicating irregularities, weaknesses and risks
  • Recommendation of changes that should be implemented, in order to optimise the operational and managerial solutions and to eliminate irregularities
  • Depending on the needs of our clients, we support the implementation of the changes recommended by us.

As part of the implementation of internal audit processes, we can offer:

  • Identification of areas for optimisation
  • Support in the organisation of the Internal Audit function within the organisation, such as:
    • Support in the creation of a team or internal audit function implementation of control tools
    • Analysis of the key areas of the organisation, particularly vulnerable to  potential risks
    • Development of scopes and schedules of internal audit works
    • Review and evaluation of existing Internal Audit function in order to streamline operations
    • Providing regular internal audit services and entrusting us with the implementation of this function.


An Internal Audit allows:

  • Identification and elimination of irregularities in organisational structures, procedures and processes
  • Minimisation of risk concerning operations
  • Increase in the quality of management
  • Optimisation of internal organisational solutions
  • Strengthening of internal control
  • Implementation of internal procedures in order to streamline operations in the company.

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